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 Marching Bands of America 1976 - Whitewater, Wisconsin

The Emerald Regime entered into competition at the first Marching Bands of America competition held in Whitewater, Wisconsin in 1976.  The 146 members of the Emerald Regime captured the title of "Grand National Champions."  They won "Best Winds," "Best Marching," and "Best General Effect."  The music they performed was: "Crown Imperial," "Mac Arthur Park," "Chameleon," and "My Way."

Below are more than 40 pictures from the 1976 marching season over 30 years ago.

1976 Grand National Champions!

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The Drill...

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The Guard...

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The "Welcome Home" BBQ...

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Bands of America MBA changed it's name to BOA (Bands of America) in 1984. 
Click here to visit the BOA website.

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